Viktoria, model and ballerina

My name is Viktoria. I am a full-time international model and professional ballerina. Originally from Austria, I am located in LA as well as Vienna, traveling frequently (see location) My rate depends on the project as well as on the country but usually starts at 150$/hr and I have a two hours minimum booking requirement. I do offer discounts for 4 and 8-hour shoots. I have a valid passport and I am a proud green card holder (artist!)

Location: Los Angeles, CA // Vienna, AUS  - traveling worldwideHeight: 1.60 m / 5.3 ftMeasurements: 32B – 23 – 30Dress size: XS / 0Hair color: brunet (natural)Hair length: shoulder lengthEye color: greenShoe size: 7DOB: 01/14/1989Special skill: extremely flexible, bilingual, very experienced poserno piercings, no tattoos, no stretch marks 

Portrait no make up out of shower


Keep it short and sweet, just three references. Check out my blog for more details about my accomplishments.

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432 park avenue

I am on the cover and 10 page spread of the fashion ballet editorial for the 1.3 billion dollar building based in NYC 432 park avenue, the highest apartment building in the western hemisphere.

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I am very flexible. After years and years of hard training I can bend my body in (nearly) every position you may ask for.

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I love to play different roles, one day I portray an innocent child the next day I represent an alluring woman. Challenge me!


A collection of my work divided by genre!


I write about my life, my work, my accomplishments and people I work with.


Feb 26, 2021, VikTory

One Spot – easy to find!

UPDATED 2021:WHERE to find WHAT?

Dec 31, 2020, VikTory

All my Links and accounts explained! Here are my updates and changes for 2021. An improvement  from what I have learned over the last couple of month! What do you enjoy seeing the most! What do I enjoy creating the most!and what is the most beneficial and satisfying to you! choose between: PATREON: big changes, […]

cover calendar 2021 VikTory


Nov 2, 2020, VikTory

The time is here: I am now offering my VikTory calendar 2021 for you!

The winner is- GOLD IN PARIS

Sep 10, 2020, VikTory

remember this one? Not just is it the cover of my 2020 calendar, it now also WON the Gold medal at Paris Photo Prize (Px3) 2020: The photographer named it : “Doing the Impossible”  Speaking of calendars. I am planning to have the 2021 calendar available for pre-order by Halloween! You will be the first […]

ENVY: Why we are afraid of it and how to use it for good

Jul 3, 2020, VikTory

I admit: I am envy.

How I start my day full of energy and focus

Jun 15, 2020, VikTory

Good Morning (it’s currently 4.43 here in Austria) The best way to get up, truly wake up, put your mindset straight, and be focused is what Tony Robbins calls Priming. Now, this is my take on it. I created a few little morning routines that help me to get going quickly and start the day […]


Here is my travel schedule for the upcoming months.

February 25, 2021 – March 4, 2021Bay Area, CA
March 4, 2021 – March 7, 2021Las Vegas, NV
March 6, 2021 – March 11, 2021Phoenix +Tucson, AZ
March 12, 2021 – March 17, 2021Las Vegas, NV
March 18, 2021 – March 23, 2021Los Angeles, CA (NEW)
March 25, 2021 – March 28, 2021DALLAS, TX
March 28, 2021 – March 31, 2021Austin, TX
April 1, 2021 – April 2, 2021San Antonio, TX
April 2, 2021 – April 4, 2021Dallas, TX
April 4, 2021 – April 13, 2021Las Vegas, NV
April 14, 2021 – April 21, 2021FLORIDA (key west up to Jupiter)
April 23, 2021 – April 30, 2021New York City, NY


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