Oct 16, 2017, VikTory

About the other night…


About the other night... I love sunsets!They are like a gift from mother earth. No matter how difficult your day was you know they will wait for you at the end of it.Providing joy at the end of a fun day,providing hope after a challenging day,providing peace after a vicious day,providing a sense of relaxation after a stressful day.It is always here- it will always come!But you have to trust in it, because it will always come at a different time, at a different place. It will always look different, Nevada's sunsets are pink and purple Austrian sunsets are orange California sunsets are in pastel tones. And sometimes you find sunsets in Nevada that are orange, and Austrian sunsets that are pastel tones and California sunsets that are pink and purple, because Nature is Nature. It does what it wants. It is magical. It leaves you longing for more! I love sunsets. They keep away my loneliness! The keep me grounded, wash away my problems. I know they are there for me. When I am down and I don't see them, because I lock myself in. I know it is me: I know my present is waiting outside. Nature lures me outside. Encourages me to see the beauty! "hey you, I am always here for you" it whispers! Then there are days of smog, fog or cloudy skys...... It teaches us patience and trust, because we know it is there, but we can not see it just now. But if will return again, if we just keep going, and keep living! No matter how poor, rich, thick, thin, small, tall, old, young you are....it doesn't matter: Everyone of us can see if, if we just raise our head , breath in life: LOOK and Experience it!!! ~VikTory A few of my of the recent sunsets shots I have taken on my trips around the world! ENJOY

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