Nov 4, 2017, VikTory

What would amazing look like for you?


"what would amazing look like for you?

Growth – every second is a decision I have to make, every second I have to decide, every second demands will power.
Because so much insight me says no, but “the voice” within says YES!
Yes to a try, yes to a fight, yes to success, yes to health, yes to me…
To get up one more time than I have been fallen. Emotions are high; struggles are real!
Yet – every day that I am becoming a better version of myself – I am succeeding!
I struggle, it hurts and despite all the pain -mentally and physically, I’ VE MADE A DECISION and


What is your goal?

Think like the person you intent to become! DO IT! If you are alive you can be more! Give it your all! Life itself is a process of becoming!!
Greatness is when we overcome our own boundries – let’s become alive! Deep insight we KNOW what we are meant to be and become, there is just a process in between.
Don’t rush it!
Experience and feel it!
Trust the process!
It is not just a plan, it is your life!
Join me in becoming an authentic, powerful me!
To grow, to overcome and to say at the end: I DID IT!
~ VikTory

model VikTory
san diego 2013

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