Apr 26, 2019, VikTory

ballerina in the kitchen – after hour (18+)


!18+! Ballerinas in old ruins. Ballerina in windows overlooking amazing cities... Those are breathtaking conecpts, but have been done before! so we decided to try something new:

Ballerinas in the kitchen!

I recently shot with eyefocusimages in Phoenix and he happened to have a wonderful modern and clean kitchen available!
Let me tell you a secret: I never look like this when I am in the kitchen. I love to cook but due to my constant travel I don’t always have the time or conditions to do so. I actually started booking more airbnb to do more of it and truly enjoy cooking healthy home made meals and I always try to make time for it! Priorities! But sometimes it is just not doable!
As much as I love my point shoes, I do take them off when I cook.
Believe me, there are enough other hazard that I tend to be a victim of in the kitchen, because somehow the monotone cutting of vegetables just has a very mediating effect on me. Sometimes just a little too effective!

But we don’t talk about day to day moments here. We dig into the special moments. Those moments you dream of, envision and share with only special ones.
I hope you enjoy this series!

Ballerina in the kitchen – after hours!
Photography eyefocusimages
Model VikTory
Large files: please allow it to load to enjoy the full experience!

Hopefully I can encourage you to spend more time in the kitchen and cook something fresh!

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