If I just had more… – the struggle to get the perfect image!
Jan 27, 2019, VikTory

If I would just have more…

BIGGEST SALE NOW: The best of VikTory – calendar 2019
Oct 23, 2018, VikTory

It’s half time! Get your calendar and support me!!

I AM A WOMAN (18+)
Oct 11, 2018, VikTory


Ode to Vienna
Sep 24, 2018, VikTory

Over the past 7 years I have been traveling around the word to create beauty and art.

23rd of July – It has been a year
Aug 9, 2018, VikTory

It has been a year

Get up for LIFE – not for work!
Mar 17, 2018, VikTory

For so many year the only motivator to even get up in the morning was my job.

I am a WOMAN – Happy women’s day!
Mar 8, 2018, VikTory


Why I do shoot nudes, and why I actually don’t!
Mar 6, 2018, VikTory

Aren’t you scared? Wow you are so comfortable in your body….

open the window and break your golden cage
Mar 2, 2018, VikTory

Open the window,