Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you!
Dec 25, 2019, VikTory

All I want for Christmas is, telling you

VikTory the ballerina Model dying swan
How to do an epic photo shoot using this special ingredient!
Nov 28, 2019, VikTory

After posting the following video the other day, my inbox was full from people asking: Which liquid did you use here?

“Cut the flapping”
Nov 20, 2019, VikTory

“Cut the flapping”

COVER 2020
Calendar 2020 is available now!
Nov 10, 2019, VikTory

VikTory – A year through art – 2020

VikTory the balleria model landesmeister kollektion (5)
We won – 1st place!
Oct 2, 2019, VikTory

We won the photography competition….!