A portrait and Interview with KURIER
Aug 6, 2017, VikTory

My first interview and portrait for an Austrian newspaper!

PUBLISHED: Solis Magazine: Haunted
Aug 5, 2017, VikTory

I love to create and collaborate with other artists alike

CHANGE: When you suddenly fit into size 00 again (A second chance of life)
Aug 2, 2017, VikTory


GREAT news
Aug 2, 2017, VikTory

Great news and new

All the way uptown…(My life in the USA)
Jul 31, 2017, VikTory

When I first moved to NYC, and after realizing rent prices in the city are just incredibly high, I did it like everyone else in NYC

Why is it so hard to love myself (A SECOND CHANCE IN LIFE)
Jul 30, 2017, VikTory

Why is it so incredibly hard to love oneself?

My life in the USA
Jul 29, 2017, VikTory

Building a new life: The Beginnings

Why I decide to stay positive…!
Jul 27, 2017, VikTory

My life hasn’t been easy the last 28 years

A second chance in life!
Jul 27, 2017, VikTory

It all started with sickness, fatigue, high temperature and developed into being unable to walk and 3 days of half awake and half asleep in an hotel on my Europe Tour!