Aug 12, 2017, VikTory

Dear Stomach (A second chance of life)


To all the man and woman struggling with selflove

My stomach! It was always the part of my body I hated the most….

No matter how fit it looked and how many compliments I got, in my eyes it could have always been flatter, fitter, better. Even when photographers photo shopped me bigger, i didn’t feel perfect enough just yet!

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model/dancer VikTory

During recovery the stomach is the first thing that gets bigger. Not even really big, just full, since there is suddenly food insight. And it is incredibly hard to deal with the emotion and trust the stomach that it will learn to do its job again and look nice, even though you eat!

Therefore I wrote to my stomach. To remind myself of the really important things in life. And I know once the basic needs of my body are taken care of I can build the best version of myself, my body…

Dear stomach,
I realize you are changing: I LOVE YOU
I am thankful that you are good to me, that you are able to digest again, you deal with bloating and you are able to metabolize food into energy again! I LOVE YOU
I trust in you. That you give your best and that we manage every situation together: I LOVE YOU
You belong to me and I belong to you, together we create ME: We love and accept each other. As a team, guided by LOVE, PATIENCE and TRUST we create the best version of ourselves….

THE BEST VERSION OF ourself, Myself, us, me

guided by JOY

I love myself! Me, my stomach, the way I am and who I am and who I will become. I love myself and all there is. – ME

“Resting when you are tired is not laziness, it’s self care. We have to love our self first in order to truly love someone else!”

and even when we are not perfect:

Enjoy the moment, because this moment is your life!

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