Mar 6, 2017, VikTory

Hartlauer Foto Galerie & “Nackte Tatsachen”

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It's been two year since I have shot with Kurt Kramar in Vienna.

He is a photographer from Steyr, but made the detour to Vienna to shoot with me in early 2015. I had a wonderful time and we created beautiful and classy images together.
Two years later it was my turn to travel to Steyr as he booked me again to shoot with him. As I entered the recently opened, new studio of his, Flash Foto I was already greeted with a picture of me on the wall as well as on their flyers, which is always a great feeling! I would describe it as “the icing on the cake”. Since I love my job, I love to create, to shoot to collaborate and produce beautiful, powerful images I am not running after publication, but it just does feel good to see your work being published or used for promotion and such!

Original photo my Kurt Kramar
model/dance/choreo/style VikTory
vienna 2015

foto by Kurt Kramar
flyer for his studio Foto fusion
model/dancer/choreo/style VikTory

So, having already an extra smile on my face and a small feeling of accomplishment, I entered the studio and I was ready to give my all, again and as always 🙂

The shoot went well again and we tried some experimental new things, which we both made work, and therefore they came out awesomely (stay tuned!) he told me about the Hartlauer Fotogalerie
Kurt Kramar usually doesn’t participate in any foto competition, but he was asked to submit some of his work (limited to 4 images) and so he also sent one of ours…. And it was accepted! Therefore I found out that the image was displayed at an open air gallery in Linz, Austria last year (5th of August 2016- 2 nd of October 2016) as well as published in their annual book, based on the gallery “Nackte Tatsachen”, as this year the topic was “naked facts”.

original foto by kurt kramar
model/dancer vikTory

While flipping through the book, and discovering amazing art work from talented photographers all over Europe as well as worldwide (Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Russia, etc) I found another image of mine, shot in Switzerland in 2015 by Roger Fichmann

original photo by Roger M. Fichmann
model/dancer VikTory
zurich 2015

On top, after a wonderful day, I got booked for a new shoot this summer , as I will be returning to Europe in July…..and we will be shooting with small planes, which I am already super excited about.
I know there is still “a long way to go” and there is always someone better , bigger, richer, etc than you, but it shouldn’t smaller my achievements step by step – never stop trying!

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