Jun 15, 2020, VikTory

How I start my day full of energy and focus


Good Morning (it's currently 4.43 here in Austria)
The best way to get up, truly wake up, put your mindset straight, and be focused is what Tony Robbins calls Priming. Now, this is my take on it.

I created a few little morning routines that help me to get going quickly and start the day positive and productive.
NOW: I have never filmed this one part of my routine ever before bc it may look a bit silly from the outside, but: it does wonders.
Before doing any workout, breakfast or anything where I have to be in a go go go mood I do this:

  • I do some minimal stretching to not hurt myself
  • I put my focus on the good things in life
  • Think about the things I wanna archive today and would make this day an excellent one, making me really proud when I go to bed in the evening
    And then I dance!
    not pretty, not classical, not controlled, no. Not at all as a matter of fact
    just letting go, get wild. Jump around, fire me up!!

In the middle, I stop and gather all the energy!
I collect my energy and get focus. I shiver to truly feel my body and energy and then get into a power pose to feel strong and ready for the day

Afterward, I simply feel: my sensuality, my joy, and my playfulness. I connect with my Vik part and not just the driven, hard-working, controlled mindset
(this time it got a bit out of hand, which just makes it more enjoyable to watch I guess)

It really works well. I encourage you to do the same. Well, it may not have to look like this, but find your morning routine, if you don' have one yet that benefits you (and i am not talking about getting up, going to the bathroom getting your coffee and checking your phone!) it is, in fact, a morning routine bu not one that preps you right for the day I believe!
In any event, I am not telling you what to do, nor what is right or wrong.

This is what I do every morning. At least I know it is fun and hopefully enjoyable to watch lol
so you may just do that!

VIDEO: https://viktoriahofstaedter.zenfolio.com/p1056401686/ee9386fe3

Password: MorningFire

I love ya guys, xoxo Vik

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