Mar 8, 2018, VikTory

I am a WOMAN – Happy women’s day!



Such a simple word, with so many deep meanings. For me- since the age of 12 or so it meant: denial, refusal, fear, anger, weakness and being a victim. No, I actually do have a wonderful mother, who is a strong woman. But my image of a woman was just nothing like it. Adding the dramatically events in my early twenties just shadowed my positive image of a woman again and again. ….

mischa koorneff
model/ dancer VikTory

Now I am working hard on reversing it, more so creating a new image of a woman and all of a sudden I can see so much strength, discipline, endurance, love, patience and a huge heart in all the women I admire and look up to! We are what our mind allows us to be! And I am happy to say I am a woman, and I am proud of it! Thank you to all the other women out there who fought for us, didn’t break down when society tried and still tries to keep us down or sees something else in us than we are. Thank you to all the wonderful women who lift each other up instead of pushing each other down, and thank you to all the men who look up to women, cherish and respect them as it should be!

by sheila roldan
model/dancer VikTory

Being a woman means so much more than being pretty, doing chores, finding a husband.
Being a woman means strength, passion, confidence and pure love to me!
Everyone who tried to take advantage of me, of being a woman: I am stronger than you. I am not a victim, I am a woman , and I am proud to be!!

ps: a huge shout out to all the fabulous women I am so grateful to know or have inspired me Trixi Hofstädter, Berenice Klimes, Felicia Hofstädter, Madeleine Jedlicka, Sjana Elise, Zoë Celesta West, Laís Pamplona Kristy Jessica, “Pure Rebel”, Kira Floofie Brennan Hill Dasha Usova Alexxa Grace Aranka Israni Marie Otero …just to name a few!!

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