Oct 11, 2018, VikTory

I AM A WOMAN (18+)



A true man raised me, my dad!
And then life happened…

Men hurt me,
Men abused me,
Men hit me,
Men raped me.

I am stronger than ever before!
Because I choose to.
Because I became the person I want to be, improving daily.
Because I wouldn’t let it define me. I am not what happened to me.


but most of all I AM WHO I AM!

I am me, myself!!!


Sometimes the most spontaneous ideas are the best ones.

While  I do prefer focusing on the future and I learned what a treasure it is to live in the moment, reflect and just be! After we shot the styles we had planned on I asked Niel Galen if he would be up for just simple nude fashion style shots. Without much explanation and just going with the flow, we shot this series.

I am incredibly happy with the results. It shows me – VIK –  the person! Not the model, nor the dancer:  just me.

Obviously I am flexible and I am a woman, and you can see the dancer in me, but when I look at these images I can see myself as a whole in them! It takes way more courage for me to show the real me. Myself. It is harder than “doing a pose” as hard as this pose may be! Letting go, accepting myself and living an authentic life by BEING YOURSELF unapologetic! It shows me how much I have grown in the past and that I am on the right path!

Cheers to everyone who stands up again, and again, and again and is brave enough to discover the real you that is just waiting to be unleashed not matter what life throws at you!

PS: I chose to be topless, because I am not afraid. Because I chose to. Because it felt right to me. Not for views for followers, nor did I want to hide due to society standards. I am ME – unapologetic!

Click on images to enlarge them and see them in color!

( A huge thank you to the amazing men out there! )

Photographer Niel Galen

Human being Vik Tory

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