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If I just had more… – the struggle to get the perfect image!


If I would just have more…

If I would just have more! More money, more time, a bigger studio, a better location, a better lens.

I hear this all the time and quiet honestly at nearly every shoot. It doesn’t matter which budget or which level of professionalism I am working with!
“I know when you shoot with other photographers you have all those additional support available. You have more space, better light, a bigger team , the perfect wardrobe….
It’s just never good enough and we all think we have it so much harder than anyone else, because

they got it all!

While I agree to some extend I do have to say some of the best shots are created with very limited resources.

Just the other day I had a shoot with 2 great photographers. They booked me for 4 hrs to have enough time, shared the cost to save some money and got a great location via Airbnb. Well, when we got to the location it turned out to be beautiful, but the apartment was tiny and less than ideal to use for photo shoots. All three of us were a bit shocked as we didn’t expect this at all. The images I have seen previously and which have been sent to me before hand made the apartment appear much larger. It looked great and was definitely smartly advertised because you couldn’t tell how tiny it was. There was very little room to pose and shoot not even to think about putting up any lights. The weather in January in Austria means usually a grey overcast with freezing cold temperatures. So there we were.

All of us drove about one hour to get to the location, eager to create. And now THAT.
After some “scratching the head” action we decided to give it a go and work with it. We looked for some small, somehow well light spots that provided something special. We used the restriction to think a bit outside of the box.
Ballet: out of the picture.
Lights: well look at that there is some nice sunset light streaming through those windows despite the time of the year
Location: dear photographers it’s up to you now to get bendy!
And we shot. I have to say it turned out to be one of my favorite boudoir shoot in forever!
We created different angles because we were forced to. Yes I can’t argue with the fact that Richard Pichler knows what to do and how to use a camera.
But what I am trying to say is:

the situation is never perfect.

There is always “something” that could be better. Hardly every you got it all: time, money, location, light, ideas, team!
But if you take in the challenge, see it as a guideline instead of a problem. You go and thrive! Don’t get discouraged and you can create amazing and unusual stuff.
All of these sets were shot in the tiny apartment. Stay tuned for images from the second Photographer Rp_Photofactory
We used natural light as long as possible and then switched to available light! And look at these two completely different concepts equally stunning.
I encourage you to run with it. Stop seeing problems but start looking for solution.

Enjoy and let’s get creative!

Photography Robert Pichler
Model and mua VikTory

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