Dec 6, 2016, VikTory

Just a candid behind the scene image- or NOT?


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One Person's crazyness is another person's life!

I am touring through Texas at the moment. My last tour of the year 2016. It has been a challenging, weird, adventurous and somehow tough year. But I am grateful!
Grateful, because there is always something to be grateful for, right?! for example: I love my job!

But sometimes even I have to shake my head thinking about it and simply smile. If someone would have told me that THIS would be my job (just the other day I was touring in Dallas: posing nude, dancing, posing nude on a table in a studio in Dallas, surrounded by plants “playing” dress up- to create art) – and getting paid for it. Well I would not have believed it, and it is still hard sometimes to do so 🙂
The truth is, my shoots are not always that crazy (….well actually thinking about it, they probably are: doing a ballet shoot for the tallest residential building in the world, posing with body paint only on time square in NYC in front of million of people, dancing on point in an abandon building in the attic, balancing on a glass wall…) OK I admit : My job is not normal!….And that’s OK!

I don’t expect anyone to understand it, well most of the time I even have to pinch myself. All I ask is to RESPECT IT! ….because at the end of the day: Most people watch TV, see commercials, buy calendars, art books, visit museums, art shows, galleries , flip through books, or even buy paintings and sculptures …watch Disney movies ….just to name a few art related things. Yet so often I still hear so many models struggling because of society saying: When do you get a real job? Believe me: posing and creating art is the fun part, the work you didn’t see and is immensely extensive is definitely work.
I am not going any deeper into this topic, because we all know that in general there is always more work involved than it seems – no matter what job it is!

Luckily I have been very fortunate as I have a respectful family and wonderful friends. I am sure not all of them UNDERSTAND what I do and WHY I do it, but they support my decision and let me be me and RESPECT ME!

Photography by Roman D'Water Model / dancer VikTory

Photography by Roman D’Water
Model / dancer VikTory

The reason I am sharing this? A few:
1) I am incredibly grateful that I was brave enough to be different! To go after my dreams even though nobody believed in me (it)
2) We don’t always have to UNDERSTAND each others opinion/decision but we can still RESPECT one another!
3) Let’s stop judging each other! We all give our best and nobody has an instruction manual for how to live life perfectly! We all try to make the best out of it- as good as we can

and last but not least I am truly grateful; to have a job I love, which creates happiness and allows me to share my passion!! Therefore I felt like writing down my thoughts and some amazing comments I just got within the last couple of days:

Shooting with you is like looking through an art book: Every pose is different, unique, sublime, on pointe and just perfect!

You are a psoing machine, how many do you have? – a million?

What I love most about shooting with you is your creativity, your passion and you make me forget all my problems back at home when we shoot!

When are you coming back- we need to shoot again? (…5 minutes after we started shooting)