Dec 25, 2019, VikTory

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you!


All I want for Christmas is, telling you

Cold days in paris, dreaming about the unknown, accompanied by my love – le ballet ‪#‎writtenbyVikTory‬
Image by Kitty Cohen
Model / dancer / choreography VikTory

MERRY CHRISTMAS to you,or whatever holiday you may celebrate!
Thanks for all your lovely messages and I also wanna say THANK YOU to each one of you! I For your love, support and a huge thank you to all of you who truly support me, bought my calendar and booked and created with me this year!!
I appreciate you a lot!

Yours VikTory

VikTory the ballerina Model dying swan

Nobody can stop you from dreaming
Model VikTory
Photography by @kennethj25
Digital artist: Christine gerardi design
San Francisco 2019

merry christmas lights

Yours VikTory
photo Niel Galen

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