Feb 7, 2015, VikTory

My Advice to models to be successful in this industry (without an agency/self employed)


Recently I get a lot of emails from models. Some of them are new to this business others are part of it for a longer time, but not as successful as they may wish.

Although I wanna help each and everyone of them

1) there is no : ONE WAY FITS ALL secret to be successful

2) sadly I simply do not have the time to answer everyone in full length!

Therefore I decided to post and share my knowledge, inside tips and advice from the last (nearly) 4 years as a full time (ballerina) model in this business!

Even tough there is not just ONE way to make it, I strongly believe that there are several facts that benefits every model to turn their passion into reality! To become a full time model and being successful doing so!

STAY TUNED for the detailed advice and report! Please contact me if u wanna have access to it, since it will be password protected!


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by dbox
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