Apr 22, 2015, VikTory

My trip to Belgium and The Netherlands


A few days ago I came back from my trip to Europe. I stayed in Bruges, Belgium and Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I have never been to any of these cities before and I really enjoyed it. It was great to be back in Europe again for a while. Small streets, small cars, fresh air, clean water…. Everything seems so peachful. The cars are tiny, the roads narrow you have a great public transportation system and you can walk to most places. The food in the supermarkets is fresh, REAL and more afordable and people (once you know their culture) are really friendly!

I feel in love with the architecture of Bruges, the houses, the small little city center and I adore all the bikes in Amsterdam as well as the flowers! The only downside. Traveling from Amsterdam back to the US is a nightmare, you get asked 10000 questions on top of the 1.1 millions they normally ask 😉

Well….although it was very beautiful i spend most of the days indoors- in the studio!
BUT here are some sneak peeks from my shoots and workshops I did!! I hope to be back in this part of the world again one day

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