Sep 24, 2018, VikTory

Ode to Vienna


Over the past 7 years I have been traveling around the word to create beauty and art.

One extremely positive aspect of my job is that I see locations and buildings that the general public has no access too or simply no time to travel to while having a full time job. People usually take time to research or know a friend of a friend so that we get access to the best locations.

Just to name a few?

  • Gorgeous rooftops from a 5t Avenue building in NYC that provide you with a stunning view over Manhattan.
  • Castles nearly all to yourself in Belgium and New York State.
  • Abandoned high schools in North Carolina
  • burned down buildings in the middle of nowhere
  • Old churches in NYC and New England
  • Botanical gardens all over the world (Vienna, North Carolina, Florida, and more)
  • Ballet schools (States Opera, Boston Ballet, Washington Ballet, Miami Ballet)
  • Huge studios that take your breath away and are known for famous movies (Silvercup Studios in Brooklyn)
  • Mind blowing beautiful places in nature (Valley of fire in Las Vegas, Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, Dumbo in NYC , Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas, Starving Rock Canyon in Illinois, Salt beds/lakes in Utah and Las Vegas, Central Park in NYC, Malibu in California, Beaches in San Diego ) I mean I can’t even stop of thinking about fantastic destination that nature developed.

These are just a few and don’t even include all the secret spots not known to the public!

But since the grass is always greener on the other side I haven’t shot in Vienna much, especially outdoors.

Until now!

The past week I created with the fabulous Daniela Mikic all over Vienna.

Luckily, and contrary the norm the weather in September was still sunny and warm in Austria. At this time of the year it truly is a it and miss and can be very unpredictable.

Daniela did some scouting prior because the issue is often that places look beautiful for the eye but are not very photogenic. Another problem can be too many people. We had a rough plan and where open to explore. We have ever worked together in the past but we connected quickly and since Ms. Mikic has never shot ballet or dance in the past I took it on myself, with her allowance to success poses, areas and the collaboration went on from there.

Compared to other cities I have shot in, Vienna is quiet a small one. Favorite tourist spots are relatively close to each other and therefore the walking isn’t really a problem. Compared to the big cities in the USA Vienna is not really used to ballerinas in point shoes dancing around the cities but the reacting was very positive. And I absolutely love putting a smile in people’s faces- old and young. We even ran across a friend of mine and a small girl approached me as well: “Are you a real ballerina?”, she asked. I answered yes and her face lit up. She told me that just yesterday she had a dream about a ballerina and today she sees one. To see magic in kids eyes is truly priceless.

The icing on the cake is getting back images like the following!

I hope you enjoy them. I hope you fall in love with this city as well. A city which has been voted for the “most livable city in the word” for the ninth time for a reason! I will add a new one daily- so come back to check out more and discover Vienna!


This is not a sponsored post. All links and information are only posted for informational purpose and I hope they help and may inspire you!

all dresses: Discount dance

shoes: Grishko

Photography by daniela mikic
Model and dancer VikTory

Photography by daniela mikic
Model and dancer VikTory

model and dancer VikTory
photography Daniel Mikic

Model and dancer VikTory
Photography by daniela mikic

Model and dancer VikTory
Photography by daniela mikic

Model and dancer VikTory
Photography by daniela mikic



Model and dancer VikTory
Photography Daniela Mikic

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