Mar 2, 2018, VikTory

open the window and break your golden cage


Open the window,

break the golden cage you locked yourself into.
Be brave and step into this world.
Experience the beauty,
believe in the good,
and never lose hope.
If we chance our thinking the same life that excited yesterday and be so beautiful all of a sudden.
I am writing this because I am experience it now. I am constantly breaking my comfort level these days, and I have to admit I had a few set backs the last couple weeks. But I am back on track and I am so happy al the time, for no real reason. yet for so many…because LIFE didn’t change, my thinking did my action did.
I took all my strengths AGAIN and stepped through the golden cage or anxiety, addiction and control and all of a sudden I experience life differently.
I smile when I see strangers – and they smile back.
I appreciate the little goodies my gym provides – and we start a great conversation on how she started her gym.
I believe in life!
Don’t let past experience leave you bitter, every set back makes us stronger, as long as we get up again.
Do you want to see the sunshine? You still have to open your eyes my love!!

model/dancer VikTory
photo Sven elirand

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