Nov 26, 2016, VikTory



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I recently worked with photographer Kirill Buryak, a fantastic photographer in San Francisco!

Kirill Buryak wanted to work on images, showcasing the movement and elegance of ballet! He created a wonderful set, which inspired me a lot! Therefore I wanted to bring the “fabric game” to the next level. Since I have worked with “throwing and timing fabric” many times in the past, I wanted to push it to the next level. After archiving some great shots I tried ways, new throwing techniques, new timings and new “little tricks” that I came up with over the time. In the meantime Kirill did his thing on lighting, and settings….and through this awesome collaborating we created some amazing images I am really proud of.
This amazing shoot and experience is now topped by a 8 spread print publication in ELEGANT MAGAZINE in the Novemeber 2016 issue!

I seriously think you should really get a copy of it, as the magazine features high quality work (if I may say so myself 🙂 and I find it very inspiring as well as featuring images that create emotion! (Which I am a huge fan of!)
BUT if course I have a few more of the images for you from the spread!
I hope you like them as much as I do.

Again a huge THANK YOU to Kirill Buryak for the great shoot, as well as to Lesya Kostiv, who did the retouching!

Credit for all images:
ELEGANT Magazine
Editorial: “Expectation of Movement”
Photographer:Kirill Buryak Photography
Model / Dancer / Choreography VikTory
Retoucher: Lesya Kostiv