Jun 2, 2017, VikTory

YOU can support a Dancer’s Dream – (No Patreon?!)


Let me start with this: My vision was always to "Live my dream!"

…and I am still thriving after that daily!
It was also always clear to me that I will not just “show up in NYC” and I will be famous or successful or anything like this. All I had was a vision and a goal of being a dancer in NYC and I then continued to build my career as a full time model with the focus on ballet, dance and art! And let me tell you: I am still going strong and work hard to archive it and improve!

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To say it it was hard and challenging is an understatement. I arrived in NYC with 2 suitcases….and nothing else. I had no phone, no family, no friends, no home, no computer and no money here. But I made it work….somehow and I am proud of where I am today. It truly makes me happy when I can create art, meet people , get inspired and inspire others and dance!
When people write me emails telling me they truly enjoyed working with me, thank me for the experience it full fills my heart. It also puts a smile on my face when “fans”(oh how I dislike this word) write me that they wait daily for me to post pictures on social media (my FACEBOOK, My INSTAGRAM) which brightens up their day!

There are still many things I’d like to archive, but I am a one person “business” and it takes time….and money.

Over a year ago I decided to give up my apartment and travel full time to save money and to spread art and reach as many people as possible. It has been an amazing experience which allowed me to discover many new cities as well as travel to small towns and work with people there. But the other side of it is that it can be challenging and exhausting as well.
I usually get up in the morning do my work out routine and stretch, head to a shoot or two or more and when I return in the evening I answer emails look for jobs and reply to one casting after the other. Other things I do (but are not excluded to) are booking my hotel my flights and trying to find the best deals for both. I organize travel routes, update my website do phone calls and prepare things I need for next shoots. When I am touring I have to drive up to 8 hrs a day so time for sleep is very limited at times. Other times finding jobs is hard no matter how hard you try, and you sit at home -which is typically a hotel room!- and that makes living in a hotel room expensive again!

The reason why I decided to not create a Patreon page or any similar kind of pay-site so far, mainly is because I want my art accessible to everyone. Not just for the “rich that can pay”. I am not blaming anyone who does, because I truly understand the struggle and the hard work that goes into it.
That being said, if you do enjoy my work and are in a situation where you’d like to help I absolutely appreciate your support!!

It would help me to cover my legal fee’s (I am working since over 7 years on getting my green card, and it’s way more expensive than most people assume!it’s a number well in the 5 digits-and I am working my butt off to pay every single cent on my own!)
As well as:
– PAY FOR HOTELS (approx 75$/night)
– TRAIN/BUS/PLANE TICKETS (range between 35-500$ one way)
– BALLET SHOES and COSTUMES (shoes: 100$/pair for the brand I need for my feet)
– MAKE UP (approx. 45$/month)
– FOOD (approx 20$/day)

just to mention a few as there are also gas and rental cars and website and many many many more costs that come with it!

your support <3

I am also happy to inform you that I offer my AUTOGRAPHED used POINTE SHOES for sale, that I ship to you!!! It may be a nice little unique gift to receive and a way to support me as well. I ask for 220$ (Incl tax and shipping)

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