May 2, 2017, VikTory

The secret of the gloves


The other day I had a shoot at the "Encore" Hotel, Las Vegas right on the strip, next to The Wynn Hotel.

Usually I do not like hotel shoots too much, especially if the shoot is more art focused, as every hotel has its own style and you can see which chain of hotel you are shooting in. In general the rooms are small and the lights are just not ideal (usually a yellow touch) to shoot in.

Not so in Las Vegas!

Hotel rooms in Vegas just have a wonderful interior design. No matter what you are looking for you find the style you need: Old European, decadent? Check out Bellagio, Going more for the Italian siesta flair check in at the Venetian Hotel, going for business look: You should consider Elara, for a bit more business sleek?: Aria and Vdara is a good choice.

Most rooms have a good size, wonderful bathrooms and rooms are usually also quiet affordable (compared to NYC hotels or other luxury hotels). I usually have the pleasure to shoot in a suite which provides amazing views, big windows, great (natural) light, and interesting and spacious bathrooms!

The other day I shot at the “Encore” hotel. A modern style hotel with a special something, going for a winter-berry red in metallic as the theme color, and the interior design is mainly a shade of black and grey, which makes it very sleek looking.

I feel very grateful to be able to intake so many new impression daily; see things others don’t have access to so easily and sometimes these are the small things that I truly enjoy!

But one of the true joys of my job (one of many) are the STORIES you hear and carefully collect over the years. They inspire me, help you to not judge anymore and teach you so much!

Robert Dee, the photographer who hired me that day, brought some accessories to use for the shoot. I always joke about the fact that I usually never dress up for Halloween, because I get to dress up daily. Back in the days as a ballerina, and now as a model. (and believe me I wore the weirdest, most unimaginable things already – Being a great “competition” to the “old style” of Lady Gaga 🙂 I love it and it puts you out of your comfort zone sometimes: you wear things you wouldn’t wear other wise , because it is just not your style, but you make it work. At the same time you discover new things you like. A lot of things are incredibly pretty or expensive, and which girly girl doesn’t enjoy wearing pretty dresses?

This time I had the honor to wear one of the most special kind of accessories: the one with a history and a story by themselves.
When Robert handed me the gloves, I could feel right away that they were special! Not just pretty gloves you buy at a costume store or at some little boutique. The first glance revealed the secret that they were obviously handmade! The fabric was a bit …I guess you could say used, but the decent style of the embroidery was done preciously and with care. The fingers and thumbs where each sewn separately so they would fit the hand like a second skin!

As soon as I got the gloves into my hand I felt the life and the grace of the previous owner. A lady from the 1940’s. Classy and always well dressed. She must have been tiny, since the gloves fit me perfectly and I do have very short fingers and small hands.Always nicely dressed and polite, walking through the streets of Brooklyn in her cute costumes, completed by perfectly fitting, well done gloves. And it was afterwards that I found out that the lady was exactly as the person, I have just described!
The gloves and their story inspired me immensely when I posed for the images. On top of that he also had a handmade headpiece from the 40’s which completed the look perfectly.

When Mr. Dee said I could keep the gloves after the shoot, I truly felt I couldn’t. For some reason they felt and still feel so special. Yes I know these are just gloves, but you hardly every see such a little treasure with so much history, yet preserved so well anymore. As I said I wore a lot of costumes, dresses, etc in the past but it’s just once in a while that I feel such a deep connection with clothes/accessories.

At the end I accepted the gift and am now the proud owner of 1940’s handmade gloves, with embroidery that fit me perfectly. After hearing more of the story of this special woman from Brooklyn, I decided I will bring her with me on all of my travels all over the world. I will show “her” Paris, London, Vienna, …all of Europe, USA and beyond!

Some “days at the office’ are just magical. And I am truly grateful that I do experience MAGIC on a regular basis….just always looking a little different!!

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