Sep 10, 2020, VikTory

The winner is- GOLD IN PARIS


remember this one?

Not just is it the cover of my 2020 calendar, it now also WON the Gold medal at Paris Photo Prize (Px3) 2020:

The photographer named it : "Doing the Impossible" 

Speaking of calendars. I am planning to have the 2021 calendar available for pre-order by Halloween!

You will be the first one to know!

some more details about the picture: it was actually shot during a 30 people workshop in Linz. They all won in one category or another at the Trierenberg Supercircuit Photo-forum the year prior. So they got the opportunity to travel to Austria (from all over the world, including China, Japan, Paris, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Australia,....just to name a few) and we shot around the city of Hallstadt as well as in the studio. Several images of this series by the same photographer Nikolai Endegor, were published in the Fluffer magazine (#27) earlier his year!

his comment:  Nikolai Endegor" That's it! I was amazed how you did you found subtle nuances for each of us "

Photo Nikolai Endegor

Model VikTory

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