Oct 16, 2017, VikTory

When you step out of your comfort zone…


I don't shoot with other models very often. Why?

I guess there are many reasons for it, like availability, price, concept,…
The biggest reason for me though is that I feel very insecure. I know it may doesn’t come across that way because when I pose/model/ dance I lose myself in the creative process. Living a life is”what if”. What if I would just do, not think, let go….

I have the tendency to compare myself to others, which is not very healthy to do. And I tend to see all the good in others and all the mistakes in myself!
So when posing with others, the self doubts takes over – even though nobody would be able to tell (I became a pretty good actress I’d say)

But the other day I shot with Sven Ellirand and his wonderful wife Lavanya Maya, who happens to also be a fantastic model. I am glad i stepped out of my comfort zone, because creating with Lavanya Maya was so much fun, inspiring and a true joy. And at the end of a day we ended up not just with amazing images but also a new friendship. Put your ego aside, step out of your comfort zone and true magic will happen!!
Just for the record: yes I am kneeling on rocks and stones #sufferforart
The location was zzyzx road. Just off I 15 between Las Vegas and LA. An interstate exit I have passed so many times, yet never stopped at. This time we agreed on meeting there and it was magical. It felt like a movie set. Picturesque, beautiful, peaceful, old yet to much character. It reminded me again that we should live more in the moment, take the time to stop- look- experience- feel, and not just rush from one event to another, one job to another.
There is an old saying: stop to smell the flowers! SO MUCH YES to that. When I live in the moment I am grateful, thankful, relaxed happy and in peace (most of the time), when I loose myself in the past or the future I get stressed, fearful and overwhelmed.

Let these images inspire you today to enjoy today, this day, this moment. Because every Monday is what you make out of it!!

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