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Why I do shoot nudes, and why I actually don’t!


Aren't you scared? Wow you are so comfortable in your body....

These are some of the first reactions I usually get and the answer is. Yes and No.
I am scared , sometimes but more about what I express rather than the fact that I am nude.
And am I comfortable in my body? Not really lol, but I think waiting to be perfect before I show myself….well than it will never happen. And the fact that I have so much more to give in emotion, thoughts, creativity undoes the fact that my body is not perfect! And never will be!

I always say that I actually do not shoot nudes.

My reason of shooting is to create, to bring my vision alive. I shoot to express emotion, to move people, to inspire …… and to breath. If my mind and then the concept requires  nudity,  I will then not wear any clothes.

I don’t shoot nudes just to be nude, just to show skin, or just to get likes or followers.

But if I would like to showcase the lines of the body, or do for example a body paint which showcase the creativity of the artist it would make no sense to me to interfere with the creation and break the lines  by putting on panties or a bra.

I think every person has a different approach to nudity. For some being topless is a nogo in public, others do porn. At the beginning of my career I had troubles of “what to do”. What is right in our society? I was always ok with nudity because I see it as what it is. And for me that is just: simplicity, raw, nature, vulnerability, and pure.

Nudity doesn’t mean sex or porn to me. I think wearing lingerie and not being nude can be so much morer sensual and sexy than a nude person just staying there could ever be. It is the eys, the position the movement of a nude body that can portrait sensuality but not nudity perse!

As an artist I do not want to limit myself to clothes, because somethimes the best expressions and emotions can be convey without them. To show pure emotions not covered up by any other art work(=clothes) is as pure and real as it gets.

Personally I do not shoot porn. Again everyone should do what pleases him or her and I have nothing against people who do so. I mean it is the oldest business on earth for some reason. But personally I am just not interested in it.

So I soon found my own line of what I like to do and what I do not feel comfortable of doing. I accepted nudity as a part of me, a part of my creating process, but I will not pose nude just to show some body parts.

In my daily life I am actually way more covered. I would not describe myself as prude, but for example posing nude on time square in front of millions of people was something I did, but even just wearing a bikini on a beach gives me much more goose bumbps. Why? Because the setting is not controlled. I do not know the lighting, which position I look best at, people look from all kind of angles and sides and they look at me as a person and not just me as an art work or piece of a creation!

So I definitely think it is possible to be a smart, well carried person and still pose nude.

Should we really be ashamed of us? Of the person we are in the purest form? I don’t think so!

Xoxo VikTory

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